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February Meeting – American Robins: Hope Springs Eternal, with Natasha Vanderhoff

February 14, 2022

7:15 pm - 9:30 pm


The American Robin (Turdus migratorius) is one of the most ubiquitous birds in the USA, ranging from Florida to Alaska. Although common, this thrush species should not be taken for granted. I will discuss some of my previous research with robins, as well as others, highlighting robins’ ability to coexist and thrive with humans and the important role robins play in the environment.




Natasha Vanderhoff is a biologist, educator and avid birder who enjoys sharing her passion for the natural world with her students and the Jacksonville community. She began her career chasing primates through the jungles of Suriname, where she fell in love with tropical biology.  Her graduate research at the University of Louisville focused on the foraging and vocal behavior of the American Robin; she is an author of the robin’s species account in Birds of North America. She taught at Francis Marion University before coming to Jacksonville University in 2009. She continues to work with colleagues from the Carolinas on the ecology of the Margay, a near-threatened neotropical cat, at Wildsumaco Wildlife Sanctuary in Ecuador.  Back home in the states her research focuses on how humans affect animal behavior, including projects on seed dispersal and anthropogenic sound pollution. She is the chair of Jacksonville University’s Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee and is a founding organizer of Science on Tap-Jacksonville.


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