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It’s finally May, the busiest and most exciting month for birding in Massachusetts! And that means a very busy schedule coming up. Saturday May 5, the 4th annual Family Bird Festival will take place at Arcadia; the 34th annual Mass Audubon Birdathon is coming up May 11-12; our club’s general membership meeting is slated for May 14, featuring a talk by Sam Fried about birding in Cuba as well as the official vote on the proposed changes to the club by-laws; plus a full SIXTEEN birding trips including outings to Monhegan and Mount Auburn as well as local favorites like Mount Holyoke, the Quabbin, the Fort River Trail, Lake Wallace, the Norwottuck Rail Trail, Knightsville Dam, Mineral Hills, the Montague Sandplains, and more!

If you are new to the club and join between now and September 1st, 2018, your first membership payment is good through August 31, 2019.  Thanks for being a part of HBC!

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We are a membership-supported organization.

Although programs and many field trips are open to the public, some trips are open for Hampshire Bird Club, Inc. members only. Join today to take advantage of all offerings of the HBC!


Monhegan Island | Overnight | Easy/Strenuous
May 24, 2018 - May 27, 2018
Scott Surner leads the Hampshire Bird Club’s pilgrimage to Monhegan Island. Not only is the…

Knightville Dam | Half Day+ | Easy
May 26, 2018
Marcia Merithew and Betsy Higgins visit Knightville Dam, looking for spring migrants and local residents.…

Quick-and-Dirty Morning Birding: Orchard Arboretum | Morning | Moderate
May 29, 2018
Mike Locher looks for warblers around this hidden conservation area. Meet at Russett Lane in…

Fort River Refuge | Morning | Easy/Moderate
May 29, 2018
Devin Griffiths, Henry Lappen, and Stephen LaValley look for warblers, vireos, grosbeaks, tanagers, flycatchers, and…

Mount Holyoke | Half Day | Easy
June 3, 2018
David Peake-Jones will lead birders on a hike up the park road to the top…


Adventures in Papua-New Guinea
June 11, 2018
with Lois and Alan Richardson

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