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January HBC meeting – Getting to Know Your Gulls, with Amar Ayyash

January 10, 2023

7:15 pm - 9:30 pm


Often approached with apprehension, gulls have gained a love-hate relationship with many birders. Among these larids are some of the most coveted bird species in the world. Amar will highlight key identification field marks for separating our winter gull species, and he will also touch on some of the often-ignored topics in gull-study such as the aging process and molt. Come learn why an increasing number of people are being drawn to this family of birds and are eagerly calling themselves “larophiles”.



Amar Ayyash is both an expert on the gulls of North America and an evangelist for “gull recreation”. He hosts the popular website and is often found speaking at birding events throughout the continent. Much of his free time is dedicated to traveling the world to photograph and study gulls. Ayyash has published a number of articles on gulls and he is the author of the upcoming book, The Gull Guide. Amar lives in northern Illinois where he teaches mathematics.



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