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Field trips are one of the best ways to help the Hampshire Bird Club, Inc. (HBC) achieve its purpose: “to help its members and the general public enjoy birding and to educate them about birds, bird watching and bird habitats.”

We welcome all birders to participate in these activities regardless of gender, color, race, age or physical ability. Harassment of birds or birders or other inappropriate behavior is unacceptable.

All Participants

All HBC members are asked to sign the HBC Release Form each year. If you did not receive a copy, please contact the membership secretary or go to

Please contact the trip leader at least a few days before the trip. It helps the leader plan the trip and you learn about any special arrangements or any change of plans.

Please do not bring pets and please check with the leader before bringing children on a trip. Many of the trips are not appropriate for children. (All minor children (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or an adult who has written authorization to be responsible for the child’s care and conduct. See the Field Trip Policy for more information.)

Be on time at the meeting place. If you need to meet the group at the birding location, please offer to be early so the group can start promptly upon arrival. If you plan to leave the trip early, you must inform the leader in advance.

Be prepared with binoculars, appropriate clothing (including protection from ticks), food and water. Assume the weather will be more extreme on the trip than at home and prepare accordingly.

We ask that participants please share costs with courtesy.  We recommend using the current reimbursement rate set by the federal government for employee mileage, plus tolls and parking, to be shared equally among the driver and all passengers, but the rate for your vehicle is entirely up to the driver and passengers.  Please agree on a mileage rate or flat contribution BEFORE the trip leaves to avoid misunderstandings. Please bring cash or checks and be prepared to reimburse the driver at the time of the trip.


HBC always encourages new birders to participate in trips. It is the responsibility of all trip members, leader and participants, to help new birders learn both identification techniques and bird observing skills.

While birding, please stay near to the group unless you have some specific reason to separate, and inform the leader if you are doing so. This reduces delays and distractions for the entire group.

All participants are responsible for their own safety. Use common sense if you feel that any part of the trip is too arduous for you.

Always check with the trip leader BEFORE the trip if you have any questions or medical concerns about the trip.


  1. It is the responsibility of the car owner to meet all registration, insurance, and inspection regulations. Please note that HBC liability insurance does NOT cover individuals who drive or allow the use of their own vehicles on club trips.
  2. Please fill up your tank before the trip and set your odometer at the beginning of the trip.
  3. If the trip is going to caravan, follow common sense rules to make sure no one is put in danger or lost.
    1. Stay in the same order so that you know which car is in front of you and which car is behind you.
    2. If the car behind you is stopped by a light, pull safely to the side of the road so that you can wait until that car catches up.
    3. If you are driving the car or cars catching up with the group, slow down so that the lead/stopped cars can pull in front of you.
    4. It is a good idea for all caravan drivers to have their lights on.
  4. Always have a description of the next major stop from the trip leader so that, should the caravan become separated, you can join the group at the next major stop.
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