Fort River Refuge | Morning | Easy/Moderate
May 23, 2017
George Regmund and Mary Alice Wilson find the migrants at Fort River. This is a…

Knightville Dam | Half Day+ | Easy
May 27, 2017
Half day or longer. Marcia Merithew and Betsy Higgins lead their trip to Knightville Dam.…

Abandoned Atkins Orchard - Canceled
May 29, 2017
This trip has been canceled due to habitat degradation.

Fort River Refuge | Morning | Easy-Moderate
May 30, 2017
George Regmund and co-leaders close out the May weekday walks at Fort River. This is…

Westover Air Reserve Base | Half Day | Easy
June 3, 2017
Saturday, June 3. Westover Air Reserve Base. Half day. Bob Bieda and Mike Locher host the…

The HBC offers same-day (local) field trips to spots easily reached and explored in one day, as well as overnight trips to locations further afield.

See a schedule of all upcoming field trips

Same-day Trips

Most same-day trips are free and open to anyone. In a few cases, property owners limit participation to members of the HBC.

Registration: Just contact the field trip leader at least several days in advance. Always requested, sometimes required.
Meeting Location: sometimes the birding location, sometimes a more local car-pooling location.
Costs: Costs include things like the cost of travel to the location, entry fees, etc. We recommend car-pooling and cost sharing which can be arranged between participants, NOT by the leader or the club. (See also Field Trip Guidelines.)

Overnight Trips

Overnight trips extend over at least one (1) night. All are limited to members of the Hampshire Bird Club.

Registration: Contact the Field Trip Chair (413-585-5864 or fieldtrip@hampshirebirdclub.org).
Meeting Location: As outlined in the trip plan.
Costs: We recommend car-pooling and cost sharing which can be arranged between participants (not by the leader or the club). (See also Field Trip Guidelines.) The HBC charges a fee which includes a share of club insurance premiums, and a share of the leader/s costs. The club may also charge for a share of other costs, if the club pays these on behalf of participants.
Club Fees: Participants always pay the HBC Insurance/Leader fee. The club may charge additional fees on an AT COST basis if it pays some costs on behalf of participants.

Couldn’t Find the Trip You Want?

We welcome suggestions for local and/or overnight trips, especially if you are prepared to lead them. Mike Locher, Field Trip Chair, can be reached at (413) 585-5864 or by email at fieldtrip@hampshirebirdclub.org.