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With November now advancing, ’tis the season of waterfowl migration as the last of our summer visitors make their way to their winter haunts and only the stalwart winter residents remain. Field trips and programs continue all the way until the days lengthen again and, of course, it is Christmas count season, too.


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Fort River Refuge | Morning | Easy/Moderate
December 9, 2017
George Regmund, Jim Lafley, Nancy Goodman, Laura Beltran, and Janice Jorgensen lead birders through the…

The Second Annual Cape Ann Winter Ramble | All day | Moderate
January 13, 2018
Aidan and Devin Griffiths go to the chilly shore to look for ducks, alcids, gulls,…


Annual Members Meeting
December 11, 2017
Come one and come all members, we'll do final plans for the upcoming Christmas Bird…

Birdsong: Avian vocalizations from Alaska...or somewhere
January 8, 2018
with Don Kroodsma   Don is keeping his ears tuned and recorders humming (silently, of…

Birding from the Edge
February 12, 2018
“Birding from the Edge”: A rare look glimpse into the life of a biologist living…

Migration of Great Shearwaters on Stellwagen Bank and Beyond
March 12, 2018
with Dave Wiley David Wiley, research director for the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, will…

A Wing and a Care
April 9, 2018
with Shawn Carey and Devin Griffiths Snowy Owls, Atlantic Puffins, and American Kestrels are connected…

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