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Jeremy Spool and Meghadeepa Maity, members of the HBC education committee, are facilitating a book club. The purpose of this book club is to read about experiences with birds and nature from diverse perspectives, and reflect as a group on the current nature of, and how to improve, inclusion in our local birding community.

-Book club meetings will be held every two weeks.

-Meeting times will be scheduled based on the availability of all who express interest.

-Meetings to be approximately 1 hour, with flexibility to continue any meaningful conversation up to, and no later than, 1.5 hours.

-During the first meeting, we will collectively decide on some community guidelines to ensure conversation is productive, with a focus on growth.

Please express your interest in the group by contacting Jeremy Spool.

Our first book is The Home Place, by Dr. Drew Lanham. It is available in paperback, ebook, and audio book, at libraries and bookstores. Here are some links for paperback, ebook, or audio book.

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