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Sharp-Shinned Hawk by Sam Zhang

Here is the  2020 CBC final count (for all of the 36 areas and the 42 Feeder Watchers).  85 species with 36494 birds.  A huge thank you to all. 

The 2021 MANO Christmas Bird Count is 12/19/2021

December 19, 2021, will mark the 88th Annual MANO (Northampton) Christmas Bird Count and the 121st National Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

Volunteer bird watchers of all ages, novices, and experts team together to spend a portion of the day or the entire day recording any and all bird species seen.

When does this happen?

The Northampton Christmas Bird Count covers 24 hours (rain, sleet, snow, or shine) midnight-to-midnight December 20th, 2020. The goal for the 24 hours is to find, identify and count all birds within a 15-mile diameter “count circle” centered in the Hadley Cemetery on Cemetery Road.

Some folks start searching at midnight for owls. Others start at sunrise. Some spend the entire day, others a couple of hours. No one is too young or too senior to participate. Beginners are welcome – we’ll make sure you join a group with at least one experienced birdwatcher.  We hope you’ll join us for this great day. You will probably make new friends, learn a bit, laugh a lot and get a great workout.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, groups will be smaller this year and safety protocols (i.e., masks and social distancing) will be mandatory.  Carpooling should be limited to family groups.  We’ll be hosting a Zoom meeting for participants prior to the event. 

Feeder Watcher?

You can even participate from home as long as you are within the CBC circle. You can count birds that visit your feeders. Check to be sure you are in the circle and please contact the compilers at [email protected] to be included.  Feeder watchers will be sent the FEEDER WATCHER compiling sheet on Saturday afternoon.

Compilation Tally

Unsure how we will handle this.  There will be an open Zoom meeting Monday 12/20 from 7 to 9 with all the results we have up to then. Stay tuned for updates.

eBirding your CBC

Here are our tips for making eBird part of your CBC tradition.

  • Use eBird Mobile: while doing your CBC, eBird Mobile makes it easy to keep your tallies through the day and share them with other members of your party.
  • Start a new list at each stop: we recommend beginning a new list every time you get into or out of a car. Use the Incidental protocol for lists you keep while driving between CBC birding sites.
  • Report only one-way distance in your traveling counts both CBC and eBird measure distance as one-way distance, especially if you backtrack or repeat portions of a route.eBird Mobile’s GPS tracking can help you calculate distance traveled. Learn more about reporting accurate traveling distances.
  • Only submit lists of birds observed by your CBC group: do not combine your lists with those from other birders in your section, or other CBC sections. It is not appropriate to enter the CBC totals for the entire count circle into eBird.

What do I take?

The particulars: dress warm, carry water and snacks, know your limits, etc.

What to do if I want to participate?

If you want to join the day, have questions, etc, contact Janice Jorgensen and Amanda Kallenbach at [email protected]

CBC Forms, Leaders, Maps, and History are on this link.  MANO historical data is available from the first MANO count.

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