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2019-2020 Board of Directors

Bob Zimmermann [email protected]

Vice-President/Program Chair
Josh Rose [email protected]

Stephen Baker [email protected]

Membership Secretary
Lissa Ganter [email protected]

Communications Secretary
Elaine Reilly [email protected]

Board Members At-Large

Bruce Hart: [email protected]
Sharon Dombeck: [email protected]
Carol Mardeusz: [email protected]
Helen Symons: [email protected]
Jan Howard: [email protected]

Email the whole board: [email protected]

Christmas Bird Count Organizers
Janice Jorgensen, Jan Ortiz: [email protected]

Education Committee
Bruce Hart, Carol Mardeusz, Jan Ortiz, Scott Surner, John Van de Graaff:  [email protected]

Field Trip Chair
Carol Mardeusz:  [email protected]

HBC Boutique
Betsy Higgins:  [email protected]

Henry Lappen:  [email protected]

Newsletter Editor
David Gross: [email protected]

Jan Howard: [email protected]

Rare Bird Alert gatekeepers
Geoff LeBaron, Scott Surner: [email protected]

Helga Beatty and Jan Howard: [email protected]

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