Links to MANO CBC Forms, Maps and CBC History Documents.    You can download and print them.

CBC is Sunday, December 17, 2017.

CBC Forms                                                                                      

          These forms are fillable pdf forms so you can download and complete on your computer, print or email them.                 
  1. Bird List (updated 2017)
  2. Rare Bird Form (updated 2017)
  3. Reporting Form for Party and Miles
  4. Guide to CBC Party Miles and Hours
  5. Dashboard Sign (updated 2017)
  6. Feeder watchers-checklist (updated  2017)

Northampton (MANO) Maps

  1. MANO (Northampton) CBC Circle
  2. MANO (Northampton) CBC Owling Map
  3. National Audubon MANO CBC Circle (new)
  4. Google Map of Northampton (MANO) CBC Circle (The center of the count is red and is at the Hadley Cemetery.  The blue circle is our count area. The circle was created with this Latitude/Longitude: 42.343889000, -72.6027780000

NEW  Individual Area Maps zoomable in Google Maps or Google Earth

Select the Map that has your area.  With the map open select your area and zoom in or out.  Can switch between Google maps and Google Earth.  Let us know if you have

  1. MANO Google Maps for Area 1 through Area 10 (new 2017)
  2. MANO Google Maps for Area 11 through Area 20 (new 2017)
  3. MANO Google Maps for Area 21 through Area 30 (new 2017)
  4. MANO Google Maps for Area 31 through Area 36 (new 2017)

The maps below are all in pdf format.

 MANO CBC  1 or  New Map Area 1                       MANO CBC  19 or New Map Area 19
 MANO CBC  2 or New Map Area 2 MANO CBC  20 or New Map Area 20
 MANO CBC  3 or New Map Area 3 MANO CBC  21 or New Map Area 21
 MANO CBC  4 or New Map Area 4 MANO CBC  22 or New Map Area 22
 MANO CBC  5 or New Map Area 5 MANO CBC  23 or New Map Area 23
 MANO CBC  6 or New Map Area 6 MANO CBC  24 or New Map Area  24
 MANO CBC  7 or New Map Area 7 MANO CBC  25 or New Map Area  25
 MANO CBC  8 or New Map Area 8 MANO CBC  26 or New Map Area 26
 MANO CBC  9 or New Map Area 9 MANO CBC 27 is area P of Owling
 MANO CBC   10 or New Map Area 10 MANO CBC  28 or New Map Area 28
 MANO CBC   11 or New Map Area 11 MANO CBC  29 or New Map Area 29
 MANO CBC   12 or New Map Area 12 MANO CBC  30 or New Map Area 30
 MANO CBC   13 or New Map Area 13 MANO CBC  31 or New Map Area  31
 MANO CBC  14 or New Map Area 14 MANO CBC  32 or New Map Area 32
 MANO CBC  15 or New Map Area  15 MANO CBC  33 or New Map Area 33
 MANO CBC  16 or New Map Area 16 MANO CBC  34 or New Map Area 34
 MANO CBC  17 or New Map Area 17 MANO CBC 35 or New Map Area 35
 MANO CBC  18 or New Map Area 18 MANO CBC 36 or New Map Area 36

CBC History Documents 

MANO reports covering the history of our CBC in various formats.

  1. MANO Compilation reports 2000-2016 – This set of excel files shows the final compilation of every area every year from 2000 to the present.  If you want to learn the history of your area; check this out.
  2. MANO Complete CBC Tallies from 1999 – (updated 2017) MANO annual compilation totals from 1999 to present  with all species and number of birds, highlights and effort totals.
  3. 2016 Bird List and Data –  final results of 2016 CBC with species, number of birds, critters seen, and summary of hours, miles and participants.
  4. MANO Yearly History since 1934 – (updated 2017) a summary of total species, total number of birds, number of CBC participants, and date of CBC for each year the MANO CBC has been held.
  5. MANO CBC complete total history since 1934 – (updated 2017) all data for each year since 1934 of species seen, number of each species, date of CBC, total participants, effort information and CBC year.
  6. New National Audubon MANO report from 1934 to present

For more information contact:  Janice Jorgensen and Jan Ortiz – Northampton MANO CBC Compilers